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Lottery And Donation Contest

Here is how the Lottery works.  In my shop, there are items for 500np.  When someone from the guild buys one, their name will be put into a drawing.  The more you buy the more times your name will be entered and the better your chances of winning.  Then when all the lottery items are sold, a name will be drawn and that person will win a certain amount of money.  The amount won will be half the number of guild members at the beginning of the current drawing times 500, so if there are 20 guild members then the lottery winner would get 5,000np.  Whatever money is left over goes toward prizes for other contests, such as the Battledome Ladder/Tournament.

Donation Contest

All the items in my shop not priced at 500np are for donations.  When you buy something that is not part of the lottery you will get Donation Points.  At the end of a predetermined interval (week, month, etc.) the person with the most Donation Points will win back half of the money he/she donated.  The amount of Donation Points awarded for each donation is the price of the item bought divided by 100.  Therefore, if you buy a 400np item then you will get 4 Donation Points.  Then, if you win the Donation Contest you would get 200np back.  The more you donate the better your chances for winning AND the more np you would get!  You can also donate items by giving them to videogameaholic, but be sure you tell him that what you are donating is for the guild and not for him.  lol