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Links is a valuable game directory and information resource.  The home page  The UniBall home page  Home of the Snippet  Free resources  The best resource page ever!  Really cool games! Check it out!  The place for developers to go to get free midis for your games.  Not oriented but a good place to check out if you want to make games.  Home of DB World News and a lot of great downloads!  Hey kids, get a Neopet (just trust me on this!)  Great resource  I haven't yet had the pleasure of checking this thing out for myself, but you can and if you like it Contact Me

Setup Generator  This is what I use as my self-installer.  Over 1,000 midis by the most popular artists including everything from AC-DC and Aerosmith to Xzibit and ZZ Top  Video game reviews for numerous platforms.  Plenty of information about artificial intelligence in games.

MegaTokyo  Hilarious comic strip.  Probably my fav.  "Video games are a conduit for the soul." -- Largo.  lol, that and "3Y3 N33D B33R!" sum up that whole character :)

thebookwiz  E-books for sale.