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September 6, 2006

Well the date above is evidence for my teacher that I did this assignment at the very last minute, but I'm not too worried about it.  I'm writing this partially as further procrastination of my homework.  Then again, part of the assignment is to explain my experience in web based writing anyway and I figured this would be a great time for an update.
IUK hired a new faculty member in the Informatics department and he is now in charge of the Visual Basic class.  Several people have told me to tutor math instead, but that seems far less enjoyable.  In other news, they really want me to be head driver at Domino's which I have been fighting against tooth and nail for months now.  I'm starting to think I don't have much of a choice in the matter.
I bought an Xbox 360 on ebay.  I plan to buy a PS3 as well, but not until the price drops.  If Sony's online network is anything like Xbox Live, I think they have this generation in the bag.  If they stumble online, it'll be a much closer race.
April 15, 2006

Another day, another update.  My manager started giving me an extra day off per week (sometimes).  I guess knowing how to do both the inside jobs and delivery isn't always a good thing.  I'll be tutoring Visual Basic at IUK in the fall for $7 an hour.  It's basically the same thing I've been doing with my classmates all year, but now I'll be getting paid.  I'm kinda worried about the whole "you get what you pay for" aspect of that.  If I'm helping people out of the goodness of my heart then there's not much pressure to be good.  However, if I'm getting paid, I should be earning that $7.00 per hour.
This summer, instead of taking classes, I should probably organize a portfolio of my projects to show future employers.  I should also probably refine some of my older projects and finish remaking this site.  The database course that teaches SQL is only available in the Spring.  Rather than wait for that, I'll probably teach myself first so I can clean up the Brain Tree page.  Maybe I'll teach myself CGI instead.
February 15, 2006

My birthday is coming up, time for an update.  February 25th, turning 21.  30-40 hours a week making $5.50 an hour at Domino's Pizza.  Full time college student.  It's a bad sign when everyone around you can tell you're stretching yourself too thin.  Since my last update, I've added to the VGA Teaches Stuff series, but haven't worked on my UniBall bots.  Google Adsense makes money for me a little.  Not nearly as much as Adbrite did.  I need to get around to putting ads on all the pages (and finishing my layout redesign for that matter).  I also need to get around to finishing Devil May Cry 3 :/
January 22, 2006

Happy 2006.  So my Java course has 8 students (counting me).  A few of them asked me some questions.  I just drafted an article explaining some things and uploaded it to this site. I think it might actually become a new section to this site, but for now the only link is right here:  http://www.videogameaholic.com/vgateachesstuff/
I have started working on a BRBot and a UniBot for UniBall, but I don't know if I'll actually release those yet.
December 18, 2005

Joe convinced me to do an update.  While I was sitting in my Visual Basic class, I did a few side projects.  Two of which I've uploaded here with the source code: CalcX and Tic Tac Toe.  I haven't made webpages for these yet, but maybe I'll get around to that.  This semester is now over.  I've registered for next semester's classes but my Java course currently only has 3 students registered (counting me) so I don't know if that class will be held or not.  Tomorrow I will be attending a Christmas party with my coworkers from Dominos.  Happy Holidays!
August 8, 2005

After testing out Google adsense and Bidvertiser, it seems the former pays better than the latter, so I'll be sticking with that for now.  Classes start on the 22nd.  I'm still working at Dominos.  My Army friend is coming home on leave in September.
July 5, 2005

Hi.  Figured I'd do an update.  My friend in the Army is in Afghanistan.  I helped his parents pick out an mp3 player for him.  We got a 40GB Zen xtra for $250.  They gave me some cds to fill it up with but he took his with him.  In other news, I'm testing out bidvertiser and google adsense.  Neither is as profitable as adbrite though.  I did donate $5 to UniBall.  I figured it was time since I've been playing for over 4 years now.  I plan to donate more as soon as I have some more to donate.  I had a new idea for a game, but I really don't have time to do anything with it :(.  Oh well, maybe I'll get around to it eventually.
April 23, 2005

Ok, I signed up for Bidvertiser...we'll see how this goes for a while.
April 22, 2005

This site was doing well.  To whoever is responsible for the recent MASSIVE click fraud, I don't know if you meant well or were trying to get me banned, but either way Adbrite didn't like it.  Maybe I'll switch to google adsense or maybe I'll go back to the tripod popups...we'll see.  In the meantime, I still accept donations via Paypal above.
April 20, 2005

Happy 4/20 for all of you who celebrate it.  I know this update is a little early, but we'll consider it part of the last update.  I just wanted to let you guys know that UniBall now has Adbrite links on their homepage.  Any clicking you do goes to support that community (server costs etc.).  My UniBall page is here and the official page is here.  Thank you all for your support of both sites :)
April 16, 2005

Alright.  It's time for your seemingly semi-annual news update.  My classes are going well and I've already signed up for next year's classes.  My finals are the first week of May.  This site has been doing really well (surprisingly).  I now work at Dominos pizza making $5.15 an hour (minimum wage) which means this site is probably still my main source of income :P.  In gaming news, Black & White 2 has been delayed again...  The PSP came out.  I can't afford it (yet), but the 3 games that looked the most enticing are Lumines, Twisted Metal: Head On, and Wipeout Pure (even without the browser hack).  Hmm, what else...Mitch Hedberg died...that sucks...  Well that's it.  See you guys next time.
January 29, 2005

It has been a few months so I decided to fill you guys in on what's happening.  With the text ads, this site is doing a nice job of supporting itself...if only I had the same ability...  Once again, my "life" has lessened my site-updating capabilities.  I'm now minoring in Business so I have to take "Finite Mathematics" even tho I've already taken Calculus.  I'm also now taking an introductory visual basic course.  Furthermore, I now have a driver's liscense and a car (Yes, if you are keeping track I'll turn 20 next month).  In other news, I got Burnout 3:  Takedown (for PS2) for Christmas and I rented Kingdom Hearts finally (been meaning to for a while now).  I highly recommend both titles.  See you in another couple of months!
October 30, 2004

Rejoice!  I have finally upgraded my account.  What does that mean?  Right away I'm sure you can notice the lack of overwhelming pop-up ads (unless you've been using Firefox the whole time like yours truly). Also, my bandwidth has increased so I shouldn't exceed my allotment anymore.  In other news, I have redone a lot of pages with my new layout, but not quite done yet.  I'm also working on a game...dunno if I'll post a demo or not.
Don't forget to have a happy Halloween!
October 7, 2004

Tripod didn't like my exe's so I changed them to rar's.  This means in order to open them you need to download WinRAR if you don't already have it.  Since I now have a copy of DarkBASIC Pro, I was thinking about optimizing some of my old games, but DBPro has large file sizes and requires DX 9.0 instead of 7.0 (as my old games currently require).  In any case, that won't happen for a while.  I'll try to keep you posted on new developments.
June 30, 2004

Well......it has been a while...once again...and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what the hell actually happened in the past year.  Between stressing out about the future and stressing out about the present, I'm gonna try and find time to finish the layout to this site and maybe programming a little...or not.....I'll let you know when I have a better idea of what I'm doing...until then, keep clicking my links and playing my games.  Thanx.
September 28, 2003

Been busy since I got to college.  I don't really have time to be typing this right now, but it has been a while since my last news update.  Plus, my site has been down for a few hours every now and then for a couple of weeks now.  Coxton has made a new UniBall client that is 3D.  He underestimated the demand for it and his site exceeded its bandwidth so I decided to mirror the download here.  However, my bandwidth has been exceeded a few times as well.  So, if you are trying to download the new client or just view some Brain Tree Answers and you get an error message try again in about an hour, sorry :(.  Of course, you could always click some sponsored links and generate enough money to increase my bandwidth :).
August 9, 2003

I did spend July in San Diego.  I just got back and my inbox is overflowing so I'm in the process of updating the site.  I updated the Links and Wisdom pages and added UBSounds.zip to my UniBall page.  I move into my dormroom on the 16th.  I have a crazy schedule tho.  I hope I have time for this site.  One of my courses is C programming so at least I can put some of my school projects on here.  I have started a new project (using c++ so don't expect it to be released anytime soon), and also have been meaning to go back and fix up (and/or finish) some old ones.  Time isn't exactly on my side, but whatever.  I found a cool comic strip at MegaTokyo.com.  It highlights a few of the reasons I might like to visit Japan as well as a few reasons why I love video games :).  Anyway, despite my hectic schedule I will try to keep up this site and release some more programs.  Thanx to all the people who support whatever the heck it is I do here :).
May 31, 2003

People have really been on me about not updating the news, but I have been updating the rest of the site.  Ok, here is what's going on:  I just graduated high school and I am preparing to go to Purdue in the fall.  I graduated 10th in my class.  I was 11th until the last term.  I feel bad for the girl I beat out.  She got a certificate on the last day of school for being in the top ten and then on graduation day I got to be in the top ten picture instead.  I'm kinda expecting toilet paper over my house and eggs on my windows (that's what I'd do).  Anyway, I have to take my CCNA exam on Wednesday.  I would like to go to San Diego again this summer, but I have to save money for college.  Besides, I went 3 times last year so it's no big deal.  Like I said, I do need money so if you want to click some sponsored links above or just donate money to the link above, I would greatly appreciate it.
March 8, 2003

Wow, it's been 2 months since I last updated the news.  Let me tell you what's going on.  I have been really busy.  Last weekend I won a gold medal at regionals for Science Olympiad.  I've been trying to work on this site and my games, but I haven't had a whole lot of time.  I just updated the Brain Tree page, so if you sent me an answer 2 months ago, I just put it up.
January 10, 2003

JACKASS has contributed by sending me some info on Scarab 21, Coltzan's Shrine, Escape From Meridell Castle, Cheeseroller, and Faerie Caves which is greatly appreciated.  Thanx.
January 4, 2003

I am back from San Diego and again working on my site.  As you can see, I have started a News Archive since my homepage was getting a little long.  I was reading some forums when I came across a post which inspired me to start The List.  It is a list of people's favorite classic video games.  I have not yet decided what to do with this list, but I would like to get about 700 games and I will try to update it weekly.