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Freeware World Team

Size:  1.45 MB
Players:  1 per computer
Mostly online, but there is an offline mode I use for testing out maps.
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This is the coolest game ever.  I am just sorry I didn't think of it first.  The premise is hard to explain.  It is mainly hockey with space ships, but it also has dodgeball, football, basketball, and more.  Trust me, in order to understand you have to see it for yourself.  Sorry if that sounds too "Matrixy."  For more information, check the official UniBall web site.  If you have any questions/comments feel free to Contact Me.

UniBall Extras

UniBall IP Changer     (5 KB)
This little program is not much and basically was just me messing around with Visual Basic.  All it does is automatically change the IP address that UniBall connects to so that you don't have to type it in manually.  UniBall now comes with an official server browser so this download is semi-obsolete (unless the metaserver is down).  I recommend downloading UBServerStatus first, but it is not required since servers.txt is provided in this download.

UniVid v.1.0     (134 KB)
This is just an expansion pack that includes redesigned graphics and a couple of maps.  Plus, you can download others here.

Spinny Version     (661 KB)
"Spinny," as UniBallers call it, is an older version of UniBall which lacks some features of the current version, but has the advantage of faster rotating.  A lot of people complain about having reduced grav with this version, while others say grav is server controlled.  Personally, I have horrible grav either way.  Most prefer the current version of UniBall, but some still want this so I decided to host it myself.

XPong     (318 KB)
XPong is the precursor to UniBall.  It is just like Pong except the ships/paddles can move freely rather than just slide up and down.  It doesn't work on the server anymore, but it is still fun to play around with and it gives you a better understanding of where UniBall came from.

UniBall Sounds     (608 KB)
These are the sound files for UniBall.  They have been used in such classics as "The Uniball Song" and "UniPoop."  I had "The UniBall Song," "UniPoop," and "Fusion Is Stoned" on here, but the demand was so high I exceeded my alotted bandwidth.  Stay tuned tho, I'll think of something.

UniBall in 3D     (1.05 MB)
Coxton's 3D UniBall Patch.  It still works on the server cuz it is still the same UB.  The only difference is now you can view the action from different angles.  The version here is Beta 2a.  I will try to keep my site up to date, but you should always check for the latest version at UniBall - The Third Dimension  His site was getting bombarded so I decided to mirror the download here :)  One suggestion:  READ THE TEXT FILES!  Nobody does that any more :(